Astro Pug Slots

No doubt you are aware of the cute little dog called a pug. Well, here you get the chance to meet Astro Pug, which looks like a cross between a super hero (super dog?) and an astronaut. It’s a cute name for a slot and the pug looks pretty friendly too. This game packs in lots of appealing features and comes from Lightning Box and Incredible Technologies. But will it be an incredible game to play? let’s see.

There are no paylines here because you will get 1,296 ways to win instead. We’re certain you won’t have seen anything like this before in terms of the game screen. There are three sections – a two-reel, three-high section on the left and a matching one on the right. In the middle is a 4 x 4 matrix as well. This is a busy game, and one you might benefit from playing for free to start with. It might take a moment to get used to the game screen and the way Astro Pug is played.

Astro Pug of course pops up as the wild here. The game also uses the ReelFecta gaming element, which is promoted as ‘one reel, 16 chances’. If you manage to find 12 Astro Pugs on the reels, you will get a Mega Spin. Mind you, just one pug means you get a free spin, so that alone is worth watching out for. Be careful of the bomb during play though, as this is the one that triggers the end of your free spins. This is a complex game and it won’t suit everyone. However, if you like the idea of trying to win in well over 1,000 ways per spin, Astro Pug is worth a shot.