Cosmic Cash Cow Slots

Would you be surprised if the opening image for this slot game included a cow floating in space? We guess not! Games Warehouse has taken this incredible title literally and provided us with a cash cow unlike anything you have seen before. The colors in that image catch the eye and continue into the game itself, where you will find yourself floating in outer space. There are some odd symbols on the five reels that will appear, but on closer inspection they are the A, Q, and J symbols you’ve seen many times before, just with a makeover.

Cosmic Cash Cow also includes planets and ray guns, so maybe you will win something with those. There is a full-height wild symbol in the Tractor Beam feature, while a separate W appears as the wild in the free spins. To trigger these, you must find three bonus icons on the reels. To make things more complex still, the bonus is a wild symbol as well. Yep, there are lots of wilds in the Cosmic Cash Cow game. We’ll add another here too, with the Blasted Wild appearance in the Blast Wilds feature.

The free spins feature isn’t just your standard free spins game either. There are Energy Down and Energy Up scatters in this feature. The idea is to try and get enough up scatters to move the cow into the UFO. If you get a down arrow, it will reduce the power of the UFO beam and the cow won’t get closer to it. This game has 20 lines to try for prizes on, and it has taken September 2018 by storm. Will you try and help the Cosmic Cash Cow in this unusual slot game?