Erik the Red Slots

Relax Gaming has introduced us to the world of Erik the Red. We think his nickname comes from his fiery hair, but he looks like a fierce warrior in any case. You might guess he is a Viking, and it looks as though you’d be right. The reels of this game – five of them – appear on the sail of his Viking ship. They offer four icons per reel, making life more interesting and giving us plenty to watch for with each spin.

There is an ornate labeled scatter, and three or more of those will award you some free spins. There is also a flaming sword that can appear as a full-height wild on the reels. Other symbols may also appear in stacks on the reels, so if you get those too, the appearance of a wild could trigger several prizes in one go.

We’ve seen some screens where one symbol has appeared in every spot on those reels. While we guess that would be rare, you are guaranteed a tidy prize if that should ever occur. You might also benefit from an expanded and locked wild on more than one reel at the same time. Will Erik the Red be that generous to you?