1x Legio Slots

Might we be in the Roman Empire for this one from Capecod Gaming? It would seem so, because we can see a Roman helmet, a building that looks very like the Coliseum, and other features that would suggest that theme too. There are some interesting elements here, as is the case with several other Capecod Gaming titles, so if you are keen on something a bit different, read on.

This game provides us with five reels and 25 lines. You can also expect to see two jokers, or wilds, if you prefer – but Capecod likes to call them jokers or jollies. The first joker is the Coliseum-style building. The second features two screaming skulls – nice! Well, it is nice in a way, because you will get a x2 multiplier with this symbol as well. If you manage to get more than one multiplier in a winning line, the multiplier values are added to produce a bigger outcome.

IX Legio has more to offer, too. There is an IX Legio symbol that must be completed by getting two relevant symbols side by side. This will access the mystery bonus – a mystery because you never know what you could win once you get there. We sure hope you get lucky… And finally, the bonus Legio symbol must appear five times to unlock the second screen bonus. Choose from the options given to see if you can win instant prizes and perhaps even some free spins. You never know, ancient Rome could be a lucky place for you.