Murder Mystery is Here

Ooh, a murder mystery… doesn’t that sound like fun? It’s not real, of course, otherwise it would be anything but fun. But since Playtech is in the driving seat for this slot game, we can trust them to provide an engaging and enriching experience for us to enjoy. We are met by a detective as the game begins. He stands in front of a mansion, and it looks like a foreboding sort of place. Could this be where the mystery begins?

There is a lot to contend with as you play this game. You will take part in a Clue Hunt, for example. There are also Reveal Spins where you can discover another part of the puzzle. Wild Spins are also available to make life even more interesting. You must also find the murder weapon and – of course – reveal the murderer. This is your chance to find out how good a detective you really are.

Did we mention there are multi spins here too, with multipliers attached? Well, yes, you can enjoy those too. The game works on a 5 x 4 presentation and takes place outside the mansion gates. You will meet various suspects as you spin the reels, and you can never quite tell what is going to happen next. With 40 lines packed into those reels too, the Murder Mystery is about to begin.