Discover The Legend of Big Foot

Big Foot has cropped up a few times in slot games already, so it is no surprise to see him appearing again here. The legend of Big Foot relates to the idea that a large human-like beast has occasionally been seen wandering in the wild in various parts of the world. This has cropped up in several countries, so does that mean Big Foot is real and part of a species we have yet to understand? Or does it mean it is a hoax picked up on by more than one group of people?

Whatever the truth might be, we can meet Big Foot in the safe surroundings of the Legend of Big Foot slot by Barcrest. This is a software developer that has become well known for releasing several successful slots, so has this one joined that collection in good form?

The game is set in the wild, as you might expect, and gives us five reels and the chance to win on up to 10 paylines. That should make it manageable for many people to play. Big Foot is used as the wild, and since this is a Barcrest game, you get the chance to play the basic game or the Big Bet game. Do read the instructions for each, as the Big Bet game requires an additional bet to play. There are special features included in the game too, such as Random Wilds, Free Spins, and Wild Reels. The scatters will bring you the free spins, but Big Foot can crop up at any time to award mini features. That sounds more unusual, and makes it worth playing the game if you want to discover the true Legend of Big Foot.