Caught in the Widow’s Web Slots

Hmm, the mention of a widow and a web would seem to point to spiders as the theme for this slot. We’ve encountered lots of animals, insects, and even mythical beasts in slots before, but spiders? We’re not sure about that. As it turns out, High 5 Games has gone for a black widow theme here. This is a term given to a woman who marries and then kills her husband, just as some spiders do (without the marriage part, of course). So, will this slot be murder to play?

The game features the widow on the reels, along with a few men we can only assume are unsuspecting of her motives. There is a chance to benefit from her appearance though, as she is used here as a scatter symbol. There are other scatters too though, so watch for those. You can play on 60 lines in this game, which is an unusual number but we’re not complaining!

Add in a wild and watch as the reels spin to reveal potential winning combinations. The activated scatter pay elements make this game a superb one to try, and something you may not have tried before. Will you get caught in the web or escape with some prizes?