Game of Balance Slots

You are about to find out, as this is the title of a new slot game from Casino Technology. It doesn’t tell us much, but the opening image reveals more of what we should expect of the game. We can see a set of golden scales, with an angel on one side and a devil on the other. There is also a woman holding up a glass of red, and she appears to be dressed in Twenties-style garb. So, can we expect some temptations to crop up in this slot game?

Fans of low variance slots will want to check out this five-reel game, offering 15 lines to win on each spin. The angel and devil appear in these games, as does the woman we met earlier, along with various tempting items. Expect handbags, riches, and high-heeled shoes among other things. We guess this game is based on material riches and the idea that you could be tempted by them – hence the angel or devil. The golden scales also appear in the game, together with a multiplier meter on top of them.

You will get the chance to win some free spins here, and hopefully benefit from that multiplier too. This goes from 2x to 4x, so it could be beneficial to find it in play. Will you play the perfect Game of Balance to tip out some prizes into your account? Try this low variance game today and find out.