Super Soccer Slots

Soccer is a hot game all over the world. Embrace the excitement of the sport when you play Super Soccer slots. This is a 30-payline bonus slot with a jackpot prize of $250,000. Just imagine what you could do with that kind of cash!

Customize your bet with the option of each line being worth a penny to $10. If you bet on all 30 paylines and wager 10 cents on each, your total bet will cost you $3, so you don't have to risk a lot. For high rollers, wager $10 for a $300 per spin bet.

Soccer Themed Symbols

Every symbol in Super Soccer slots captures the thrill of a soccer game. The bottom tier symbols are soccer balls with poker symbols on the face of the ball. From there symbols range from the woman cheering on the U.S. to the player who is on his knees celebrating a goal. There's a symbol of a player taking a ball to the face and another who is hot in the action as he kicks the ball down the field. There are even symbols for the umpire and the goalie.

The two most important symbols, a bonus ball and a wild with many world flags, deliver the bonus features. Cross your fingers that the reels stop on the wild or the bonus.

Bonus Features in Super Soccer Slots

There are two important bonus features in Super Soccer slots. The first is the free spins bonus. When this occurs, you get 10 free spins. Each winning payline during these free spins is tripled.

The other bonus is even more fun. You're taken to the soccer championships. Choose a country by picking its flag and see how far the team goes in the championship games. Each round you win delivers winnings and a 3x multiplier. The play continues until you're either knocked out of the championship rounds or you get down to the final two teams. If you choose well, you could win the $250,000 jackpot prize!