Quality Or Quantity

Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, RTG… there are lots of software developers in the online gaming field, and many of them focus on releasing slot games to their waiting fans. Every day, you’ll find at least one new release from at least one provider. There is no reason to be bored playing the same games repeatedly in the 21st century.

However, what matters most? Is it better to have fewer releases that are of better quality, or more games to enjoy, even if some are below par?

Quantity means there is always something new coming

If a software developer prefers to release lots of games in quick succession, it means you never need to wait long until there is something new to try. Some people like the thought of looking for a new game every day.

However, in going for this option, the work put into each game may be less detailed than in other games. As such, you may play a new slot that doesn’t have anything interesting or new to offer.

Quality means one great game is worth playing time and again

Would you rather wait longer to see a new release if you knew it would be a good one? Many people would. Lots of software developers try to outdo each other in a friendly competition. Who can release the best, the most innovative, and the most playable game? That’s the question.

A great-quality game provides you with more than just a few minutes’ worth of entertainment. It provides you with fun, challenges, bonuses to unlock, prizes to be won… you name it, it has far more layers of detail to uncover.

Which option means the most to you?

Most people have one or two software developers they like above all the others. That means they may never play games from certain providers, simply because they don’t like them that much.

We all have our own ideas about what matters most. If you like complex slots with lots of bonuses and some different elements involved, chances are you would rather wait to see a release that ticks all those boxes for you. But if you are happy to play simple slots that don’t do anything new, you would undoubtedly rather see a frequent stream of new releases you can try out.

Which side of the fence do you fall on, and why?