Play Rainbow Riches Slots

Unless you have only just arrived in the world of online slots and casinos, we guess you have heard of a little series of slots called Rainbow Riches. This is the title of the original game, but you will soon see there are several other options to try now too.

You will soon realize these games – developed and released by Barcrest – are far more popular than many others. We thought we would discover why that is. What did we manage to figure out – and do you agree with our findings?

They use a popular theme

You only need to see the little leprechaun on the title image of the original Rainbow Riches game to understand where they are going with this theme. Irish good fortune has been used over and over in online slots. However, although Barcrest has chosen a timeless theme, they have managed to develop a series of slot games most players will love to try.

There are now several of them to play

Yes, there is the original Rainbow Riches slot to play. We’d suggest you start here if you haven’t tried any of them yet. You can then move on to Rainbow Riches: Leapin’ Leprechauns and Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix. Other titles (always with the Rainbow Riches prefix) include Fortune Favours, Free Spins, and Reels of Gold.

And who knows what else they might have ready to be released soon? We can’t imagine Barcrest will stop releasing twists on the original title. If they remain popular – and they look to be just that – we may see more coming soon as well.

They are colorful without being too garish

This is a fine balance to strike. You’ll know that if you have ever played a slot game with bright colors that clash or are just too strong to look at for too long. The team behind the Rainbow Riches series understand this is a tough ask, but they have managed to make every game in the series appealing in many ways. This includes the presentation. Graphics may not be the most important element contributing to a slot game’s success, but they certainly play a vital role.

The only way to discover if you are a fan of these games is to try them. Maybe you will like one more than the others. Will it be the original or one of the other quirkier games? Check out the complete series courtesy of Barcrest now to learn more.