Explosive or Flaming - Which Reels Will You Play From Gameart?

If there is one thing you can guarantee you'll find in every slot game, it's a set of reels. You may get three, you may get five, and on occasion you may get something else. But you can be sure of finding them in action.

GameArt has given us a couple of games with variations on those reels. Whether you decide to play with explosive or flaming ones, we thought we'd introduce you to these two entertaining games.

Explosive Reels

The appearance of a prospector with a donkey at the start of this game tells us we're heading into a mine to find out more. The five-reel, 10-line game is a lot of fun, with that cartoon donkey smiling away as you play. Watch out for the exploding TNT scatter, also acting as a substitute symbol in this game.

You can win 10 free games with the aid of three of those scatters. Furthermore, those free spins will include a randomly chosen exploding symbol. Whenever this decides to let rip, everything on that reel is wiped out. Will this increase the odds of winning something else?

Flaming Reels

From TNT to fire - that's the theme in the Flaming Reels slot. This five-reel game has 25 paylines to bet on, with plenty of action-themed images involved too. Fire engines, a helicopter, and even some flaming letters are included here.

The fire department shield is wild, appearing on all reels except the first one. It won't replace the fiery scatter though. This is a bonus icon appearing on reels one, two, and three only. The game also features a Second Chance Stack feature and an opportunity to win some free games.

Which of these two slots do we prefer?

Both these games benefit from some sharp graphics, just as you would expect from GameArt. The colorful and eye-catching nature of the games makes them both worth trying.

In fact, we are going to sit on the fence with this one and hope the fence doesn't burn down or get blown up with dynamite. How could we choose between two excellent games that both make the best use of their respective themes? The answer is we can't. We like them equally - it just depends on the mood we're in as to which game we would decide to play on any given day. Maybe you'll feel the same.