Enjoy Some Ambiance From Isoftbet

You would hope any slot game had some ambiance for you to enjoy – a certain something that gives it depth and appeal. So, giving a new slot game that very title sets it up to deliver in a big way. Does iSoftBet’s slot game deliver in that respect?

It certainly looks very nice, with a rainbow of colors feeding into the gameplay. It does live up to its title in some respects, that’s for sure, but does it provide you with enough to tempt you to play?

Reels and lines

Five reels and 20 lines – no doubt you have encountered games along those lines before. You’ve got another one to try here too.

Which coins can you play with?

One cent can be placed on each line here at the minimum. You also have a chance to increase your spin bet to $10 at most. As such, this is a cheaper game to play than you may have seen elsewhere.

Special icons appearing in Ambiance

The wild icon appears in numerous colors, helpfully including the word itself in the middle of the swirls. Just one symbol cannot be substituted by this, and it is the musical treble clef. Yes, there appears to be a musical theme going on here too.

Are there bonuses to be won?

Those treble clef scatter icons are useful to find. As you play, each one you discover will be collected. You will see the treble clef sign alongside the ‘current win’ part of the control panel under the reels. This begins with a zero, but each one you collect will increase the total.

When your total reaches five or more, you will win some free spins. Collect five and five free spins will be yours. However, if your total stands at four and you then hit, say, three scatters on the reels, you’d win seven free spins. Any further scatters appearing in your free games will award one further free game each. Better still, two more symbols are chosen to be wild icons before play begins. That means you get three wilds in total!

Download and try the Ambiance slot game today

This might look like a basic slot, but it has some appealing differences when compared to the usual game you might have expected. Collecting the scatters to trigger the free spins is a nice touch. The music, the graphics, and the theme will appeal too, no doubt.