Is Halloween One of the Most Popular Events for Slot Games?


The night of ghosts and ghouls is approaching… who knows what may come through the void as the skies darken on October 31st and the spirits come out to play?

Of course, you can play in another way and still get into the spirit of the season. Halloween is a popular event in the US, and many people go out trick or treating. But if that isn't your thing, you could stay in and enjoy some of the great Halloween slots around today. There are several reasons why this is a popular theme to choose.

Halloween means scares aplenty

Think of Halloween and various images will come to mind. Think about scary images and monsters, for example. All these provide superb inspiration for some scary slot games to play. Many can be played free and for fun, with the option to switch to real money play later if you want to. But you can always count on some frights!

You can enjoy cartoon scares alongside more dramatic games

Halloween slots range from the cartoon entertainment ones to those based on scary ideas. Think of Nightmare on Elm Street - great to play on Halloween night - or the classic Halloween game, based on the movie. There are variations on themes that range from fun to freaky, so everyone will be able to find something that suits their fright level.

Halloween provides plenty of inspiration for bonus features

How many potential bonus ideas can you come up with for some Halloween slots? Once you start thinking about ghosts, ghouls, monsters, vampires, and the like, there is no limit to where you can go with this.

Software developers have thought along the same lines. We've played games featuring zombie outbreaks, games where we've ventured into graveyards, and others that have invited us to open doors in haunted houses. The possibilities are endless, making the inclusion of several bonuses in one game very easy to achieve.

This is undoubtedly a theme lots of people want to look for when October arrives. You can count on new Halloween slots being released too, usually from the beginning of October onwards. Some might even be released on Halloween itself. Whatever you do, take time out from trick or treating this year to have a go at some of these games. Could there be some surprises in store if you do?