First Live Slots

Can you imagine playing live slot machines? You might say you already do that, since any slot you play is live in that moment. But hang on a moment. News of this fascinating idea has hit the internet and revealed exactly what is up for grabs. Are you prepared to find out how this could change the way you play?

What are live slots?

If you play a slot machine in a real bricks and mortar casino, you are playing that game live. So, can these new live slots be innovative at all? They can when you can play them online.

That is the idea here, brought to life by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City. We cannot imagine we won’t see it replicated by other locations and venues real soon. The idea is that you can choose an online slot to play and then experience it as if you were there in the casino playing it for real.

Is this like live table games?

Yes. We’re used to the idea of playing table games with real dealers involved online, thanks to webcam technology and other features. The new live slot games idea is based on the same premise. Just choose which device you want to play on, visit their casino, and play the games provided as if you were there. Atlantic City has never been closer than it is today, thanks to this new development.

Can we expect to see any familiar slot titles there?

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), no. The presentation comes to us from Hard Rock Casino in association with Softweave Ltd. There are several games you can now play for real that you have never had access to on the internet before. You’ll find them in the Hard Rock Casino, and they are now playable online for real too. The wonderfully titled Leprecoins is just one of the new titles you could try.

Could this be the next step for online gaming? We think so. We wonder whether we’ll see out 2022 without another casino offering something similar, to bring internet players into the real-life casinos. Watch this space…