Libra for Gambling

Next year is going to be a big year for Facebook, the popular worldwide social media site. It’s going to launch a new virtual currency called Libra. As with many other cryptocurrencies, Libra will be used for sending payments to third parties, buying things online, and possibly using at casinos, too.

Yes, it’s true – the new virtual currency could become the latest online currency to be used at online casinos. While some traditional payment methods – credit cards in particular – are not allowed at certain online casinos, there is no backlash against virtual currencies. Far from it, in fact – many casinos are built solely on transactions made via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Could Libra be the next step in that process?

How would Libra be different from other online currencies?

One word – Facebook. There are a few casinos driven by virtual currencies that do not accept so-called regular payment methods. However, those casinos are few and far between. While these currencies are popular at other casinos – ones that also accept other more traditional payment methods – they do not outweigh those other methods.

Facebook could change this. Everyone knows about Facebook. Many millions of people use it each day. Libra could represent a tipping point in the number of people using virtual currencies. We’ve all heard of Bitcoin, but how many people actually use it?

That could be different with Facebook and Libra. The familiarity we have with Facebook could mean we all become more familiar with Libra, the virtual currency we’ll be introduced to in 2022. Since plenty of casinos have pages on Facebook, could we see the two interacting like never before?

We can only wait and see what Libra is like, how much it is worth, and whether casino players take to it as they have done with Bitcoin. In fact, this could prove to be a far bigger and better foray into the digital casino world than ever before.