Slots.LV Tournaments

Winning money has a way of making you feel amazing. Sure, you can win cash on any game at Slots.LV, but Slots.LV Casino tournaments turn winning into a fun and rewarding competition. Tournaments vary from day to day and week to week, but you can't play if you don't sign up at Slots.LV. With more than 160 casino games, the tournament options are endless.

With a tournament, you play the chosen game as often as possible and try to win. Players at the top of the leaderboard take home their share of the prize pool. Some tournaments are small and only worth a couple hundred, but others can be worth thousands!

Once you're a member, play instantly online, download Slots.LV free casino software , or check out the mobile casino. Either way, you'll have the time of your life winning cash and playing the greatest casino games around. You do need to head to the cashier and deposit money before checking for current tournaments. Depositing is easy with a credit card or an alternate deposit method.

Tournament Play at Casino and the Step-by-Step Process

Tournaments are one of the most engaging forms of game play because you meet new people, form new friendships, and have a great time in the bargain. On the tournament page you will find the Tournament Name, Happening Today, Full Schedule, Today’s Results, and How it Works. Below these titles are the name of the games, tournament’s start times, and duration. To this end, we would like to give you the step-by-step process.

  • Join: Visit the Casino tournaments page, or use the tournaments tool, to view and join upcoming events.
  • Launch: Once you’ve joined a tournament, select the PLAY button to open the game in tournament mode.
  • Play: The tournament tool will track your rank as you play. You’ll be rewarded with tournament points, in addition to your regular in-game wins. Earn enough points and you’ll get a prize.


Prizes will vary from tournament to tournament. You can always view the prizes available in the schedule listing for all events. Or you can click on ‘View Prizes’ in the tournament tool, when the event has already started. Prizes are always awarded in addition to your in-game wins. Everything you earn while competing is still yours to keep.


Every tournament has different conditions that need to be met. Here's an example: Some slot game tournaments may require you to make a minimum of 200 spins for you to qualify. To view the conditions for an event, simply click on the ‘details’ tab for the event listed.


You can track your ranking in the tournament tool while an event is happening. Final rankings will be available on the Casino tournaments page for one day after an event has finished.

What could be more easier than this!

It's always worth viewing the current promotions and bonus offers. Even if you don't find a tournament, Slots.LV Casino has a VIP club, special bonus offers, and seasonal promotions that make it easy to earn cash or win prizes like an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas for you and a friend.