Slots.LV Withdrawal Methods

Winning is always a thrill, and Slots.LV Casino wants to get your prize into your hands without a struggle. To make it easy, the casino has simple policies and a range of banking options. Make sure you've read the terms and understand any fees, if applicable, before completing your withdrawal. It's also really important to make sure your mailing address is correct because you are responsible for stop payment and re-processing fees.

Payout Methods

Bank wires involve transferring money from Slots.LV straight to your bank account. Bank wires take 10 to 15 days to complete. The transfers are in a foreign currency and cannot exceed $7,500. For amounts larger than that, they are completed one every five to seven days. Every bank wire requires a $50 transaction fee.

With a couriered check , Slots.LV drafts a check (maximum of $3,000) and has it hand delivered. If your winnings exceed the maximum, one check is drafted every five to seven business days. If you request more than one courier check per month, you pay the processing fee of $50.

Credit card payments are available if your credit card company allows you to deposit money to your account. Washington residents avoid the $50 fee that players in other states must pay. For credit card payments, there is a $20 minimum and $2,000 maximum. Allow up to 10 days for the transaction to go through.

U.S. residents can use money transfers to receive their winnings. Expect fees of $40 to $150 for these transactions. The minimum withdrawal is $100 and there is a $2,000 cap, except in Arizona where the maximum is $450. Call Slots.LV's customer service to find the closest money transfer location.

Rapid transfer , one of the quickest methods, also requires a call to Slots.LV to find out where your nearest participating branch is located. There is a $100 minimum and $800 maximum. Note that the cap in Arizona is $450. Fees range from $20 to $60.

Canada-Only Payout Methods

Direct bank transfers are available only in Canada. Payouts must be at least $20 and not more than $1,500. Allow three business days for the payouts to reach your bank.

Before asking for a payout, go to the “manage account” section and verify that your contact and mailing information is correct. If you've moved, you may need to submit additional documentation to verify the change of address. This may lengthen the amount of time it takes to access your money, so it's best to check your Slots.LV Casino account information regularly to keep it up to date.

Using Bitcoin to deposit funds in your casino account

Could there be an easier way to make sure you can deposit funds in your account at We don’t think so. Using a digital currency like Bitcoin makes good sense if you value your privacy and security. Once you have set up a Bitcoin wallet, you can purchase Bitcoin to keep in it. Once you’ve done that much, you can easily send Bitcoin to your account, funding it with ease and without delay. You just need to make sure you choose the right wallet for your needs, depending on the mobile device you are using or the computer you visit on. When you’ve completed your first transaction, you’ll be ready to do it far quicker in future.