Predictions to Look for in Slots in 2024

It is almost impossible to make predictions for an industry that is constantly changing. While some of our thoughts for slots in past year turned out to be accurate, others were far off the mark.

Still, we should never admit defeat, which is why we have decided to make some predictions on what we might see in 2024. Will these prove correct?

Will we see new ways to win?

Paylines, ways to win, and then Cluster Pays Slots… we are all familiar with the various ways we can get prizes while playing slot games. So, could we see anything different happening in 2024?

It is difficult to imagine anything beyond those three methods. However, we couldn’t imagine much other than paylines and way wins until the cluster pays dynamic came along. So, perhaps the software developers are waiting to surprise us again this year?

Are more reels on the way?

While some developers have experimented with four- and six-reel games, we largely still have three- and five-reel slots to play. However, in searching for the next big thing, we predict we will see more games with six reels in action this year. If a developer wants to stand out, we guess they could end up promoting a selection of games all featuring six reels. That might result in some excellent wins for players willing to try them out – and some headlines for the software developers too.

Virtual reality may take the next giant step forward

We’ve seen Gonzo’s Quest released in virtual reality format, but it didn’t make the splash some people thought it might. However, a big company such as NetEnt is better-placed than most to develop further forays into the virtual reality field. We should remember VR is still in its infancy, so there is a big chance there could be other games that will be a delight to play in this area. As more people invest in VR headsets (more likely as they become cheaper), there is a chance this fledgling area of online slots could suddenly take off.

What are your predictions for the world of slots in 2024? Do you agree with our predictions or are there other elements you think might be more likely to come to fruition? Whatever happens, we predict there will be many more new slot games to come our way this year, which guarantees lots of enjoyment for us all.