Online Casinos Accepting Zelle Deposits

Have you heard of Zelle yet, other than reading the name in the title of this article? If not, that's soon going to change. Playing at online casinos is already something of a challenge for many US residents. Some states allow online casino gaming while others do not, but there are many other offshore-based casino sites offering an alternative.

Question is, how can you deposit at these casinos?

Zelle supplies you with a new and reliable way to do so. It's designed for use by those in the US, as you do need a US bank account to access it. The idea is to download the Zelle app to your phone, and you can then send money to anyone else in the US with the same app. However, you can also buy bitcoin via Zelle, and this means you can deposit the bitcoins in your online casino account. All you need to do is to connect your bank account to the app, double check all your details are correct, and you're good to go.

It takes a while to become used to how things work, but there are guidelines to follow to make life easier. You can also find instructions on how to use Zelle to make deposits to your online casino account if you join a casino that offers this service.

Can you make direct deposits via Zelle to your casino account?

It's possible but unlikely. The best way to use Zelle is to buy bitcoin with your Zelle app and then transfer those out to your casino account. The best bit about this is that it's fast and secure, and it opens the way to claim some bitcoin deposit bonuses at your selected casino as well.

What about cashing out if you get some winnings?

As with any payment method, it's best to find out how this works before you use Zelle to deposit at any casino. We know that Zelle links with US-based banks, and since casinos offering services to US players are likely to be based offshore, they're not going to have a US bank account.

However, we also know that it's possible to request withdrawals via other means. So, you could ask for a bank wire transfer or ACH if applicable to your situation. Of course, you could also ask for a bitcoin payout to the wallet you've set up for this purpose. Check on this before getting started, so you know which casino gives you the best options.

What are the advantages of using Zelle when joining an online casino for players in the US?

We know that Zelle offers an app, and since many casino players now visit casinos via their smartphones and tablets, it makes sense to use a mobile-friendly payment method too.

If you join a casino that does have a US bank account set up, you can use Zelle in the usual way. If not, you've got the cryptocurrency alternative to think about instead. So, you've got more possibilities to think about.

Additionally, you can watch for offshore casinos that offer bonuses specifically aimed at players using bitcoin. If you make a deposit this way, you can often pick up a bigger bonus for doing so.

Are there any downsides to using Zelle?

Of course - every method has some downsides, and this is no exception. The most obvious is that you cannot use it to withdraw funds, only to send them. So, you do need to confirm that your selected casino offers a method you can use if you manage to string a few prizes together to reach the withdrawal minimum.

Another downside is that Zelle only works in the US. If you don't live there and have a US-based bank account, you're not going to be able to use the app. However, it was designed for US residents, and since those in the US often have issues trying to join online casinos, it does have its place.

How many online casinos accept Zelle as a payment method?

We've noticed it cropping up more often among the more familiar methods listed at many online casinos. If you find a casino you'd like to join, the best bet is to check their cashier or banking page to get the full list of available deposit methods. You can sometimes find this in the FAQ area or help section too.

Sites such as Jackpot Village Casino, Bovada, and LeoVegas Casino look like they've added Zelle as a payment method. We'll keep you updated on the latest casinos that add the US-only method to their roster of possibilities.

One last point. We know that some states do have online casino offerings within the laws in that state. However, there are many offshore casinos that offer their services to US players across all states. These are often most likely to have Zelle as a payment method.

Since you're not covered by any laws when you use these casinos, it is vital that you stick to those that have a trusted track record with their players. We can keep you updated on those right here, so don't stray too far from our latest reports and recommendations to help you on the way to a Zelle-friendly online casino.