Samurai Ken Slots

These two words don’t quite seem to fit together, do they? So, who is Samurai Ken, and will he help you head towards some prizes? The title image tells us very little, but once you dive in you will see the main character looks like a… is that a white tiger dressed as a warrior? It appears to be, which tells you something about how this game will progress. Once you get past that shock, Samurai Ken delivers some cool elements that combine to produce an equally-cool and appealing slot game. Firstly, there is a Sticky Win feature. As the name suggests, all wins achieved will stick on the reels. You then get a free respin to see if you can boost that win with an even better one. Next up, there is a scatter which appears as a blue banner. It is even helpfully labeled for you. If you receive enough of these, you will begin what the game calls a Free Spin Battle. There is no fixed amount of spins offered in this feature, so it could get interesting! There is a free spin wild involved in the Samurai Ken slot as well, so be alert for this to appear. The game design is appealing, with five large reels that take up most of the screen. The icons take on a mix of appearances, with some offering close-ups of the characters who are clearly in battle. Will you do battle to try and wrestle some prizes from them?