Reactor Slots

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We’re unsure what happens when the reactor starts up, but we guess we will find out in this game. The graphics are suitably futuristic though, as are the icons appearing in the five reels. They look more like columns, bringing you a chance to try and secure prizes in this pays both ways game.

Various strange shapes can be found on the reels here. They appear in various colors too, so it is quite easy to spot a winning line when you manage to get one. Reactor has some stunning imagery to appreciate whenever a winning line is struck too. And yes, in case you were wondering, there is a Reactor icon that might appear during play. This brings you a mega multiplier, according to the game screen, so that could well enhance whatever you manage to win with its help.

That Reactor battery will trigger a respin too – and you only need to find one for this to occur. Up that quantity to two and you will receive a respin and a couple of swap symbols as well. Just when you thought this game was going to be basic, it turns out to be anything but. If you get three batteries on the screen, you get the previous two perks plus some random wilds as well. It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?