Sparkling Roses Slots

Not real roses – the sort you need to water to keep them alive. Don’t worry if you don’t have green fingers – you won’t need them for this game. Just load up the demo version of Sparkling Roses and see what lies in store for you here. Konami has produced a sparkling slot with a vibrant background – perhaps a little too vibrant if you’ve got a headache!

While the game has five reels, you might think there are more thanks to the widened view of them. There are just three icons on each one, offering 30 paylines at most. This game comes with Action Stacked Symbols, which you may have seen in games before. Adjacent symbols are chosen for this feature prior to each spin. It means whatever appears in those spots will be identical.

Sparkling Roses also comes with a wild, labeled as such as depicting four gems. The game also has a Mystery Multiplier feature that could come into play. according to the paytable, this could go as high as 144x. We like the sound of that! The scattered rose is the trigger for the free games, so you have a chance to enjoy those too. There isn’t much they’ve forgotten here, as you can see.