Smart Restart Slots

What does Smart Restart mean, we wonder? We suspect it might have something to do with a key feature of this slot game from Merkur. However, you just never know. The game brings us a standard five-reel format, although there are only five lines to bet on. We also get a huge mix of fruit here, so there is nothing new in that part of the Smart Restart slot game.

The Smart Restart part of the game is a feature that starts one or more of the game reels. The idea is you can play the game without the feature active or you can choose to activate it by clicking on the button above the reels. If you do this, you will see the green ACTIVE option given preference. Various amounts will then appear above the reels. You can then choose to spin one or more of the reels shown again.

So, for instance, if you get cherries in all the positions on reels one and two, you would see amounts available to respin the third, fourth, and fifth reels. If you spun the third one again, you might get more cherries that would lead to one or more prizes. As such, it is an interesting concept but not one we haven’t seen before. It does make the Smart Restart game more interesting than it might have been though.