Double Joker Slots

Any mention of a joker appearing in a slot game makes us think of the classic three-reel slots that feature such a character. We cannot think of a single five-reel game featuring a jester or joker. As it turns out, we have yet another three-reel game here. However, it isn’t a small three-reel one – the reels are huge, and with three icons appearing on each one, we do get 10 lines to play on for a change.

But what else does Double Joker bring us? There are some large and familiar symbols here – a red seven, some berries, a golden bar symbol, and some other fruit as well. However, while everything seems formulaic thus far, the game also has a scale at the top of the reels. Click into the paytable and you will begin to read about missions. Yes, there are missions to complete here. You can play a new one or continue a saved mission if you wish.

Each mission has four sections to look through. You can sort through the missions by choosing how much you could win. The smallest is the bronze mission, allowing you the chance to win up to 60x your bet. The platinum mission is at the opposite end of the scale, with up to 1,000x your bet to be won. Make no mistake – this is not your average three-reel slot game!