Try These 3 Happy Games From Isoftbet (Happy Birds, Happy Friends, Happy Holidays)

Do you feel happy playing the occasional slot game? We do, although we sometimes just play for fun. Somehow, that is just as entertaining as knowing there are real prizes out there to be won.

If you are ready to play a truly happy game, these three titles from iSoftBet all fit the bill.

Happy Birds

Are these birds happy? We guess so, as they happily appear in this fun slot game. You’ll see several of them – colorful ones too – along with some bird houses and other features. There are five reels and 243 ways you could win with this one, so Happy Birds is worth a closer look.

There’s no prize for guessing the inspiration for Happy Birds, but the game does offer some good features. Wilds, bonuses, magic hoops, and free spins can all be discovered as you play this game.

Happy Friends

We all want our friends to be happy, and this game has a happy feel to it. It is set in a garden, with gifts, apple trees, and lots of other cool features to explore. There are five reels here and just nine lines – a lot less than you’d see in other slots. That makes it good to try for those on smaller budgets.

A standard wild is provided for your convenience, and you can win some free games too if the symbols fall in the right way. This is a simple game, but no less enjoyable for that.

Happy Holidays

Does the title give a hint to the theme here? It’s something we might say at a certain time of the year, maybe in the approach to the festive season. Look at this set of five reels and you will see festive cake, snowmen, and gingerbread men too. Yes, this is a seasonal slot game and you get the chance to play on 20 lines.

You can scoop up to 100,000 coins playing this game, with a holiday bonus symbol revealing Santa and his reindeer as you play. Three of those scattered around will take you into the bonus feature to see what you can win.

It’s worth trying all these if you get the chance. They may not all be to your taste, but you could find a new favorite in there. You never know unless you check them all out to see what they have to offer.