Plenty on Twenty II Hot Slots

Plenty on Twenty II Hot is a mouthful of a title for a slot name – for anything, come to that. But is it a good game to play? Does it offer something we haven’t seen before, or will it be a disappointment?

The answer depends on how you like your slot games. There are no 3D graphics here, and no detailed imagery either. In fact, this game goes in the opposite direction. It might have five reels and 20 lines in play, but the graphics are basic. There are sevens, bells, fruits… yes, all the old familiar icons are here. They’ve all got googly eyes too, for some reason!

There is a wild here, and you might get the chance to secure some scatter wins as well. However, there isn’t much beyond that, so if you like your slots to be basic, this is a good one to try. Many slot players, we believe, will probably pass on this to look for something more complex. Would you be included in that?