Which of These Two Fruity Microgaming Slots Will You Prefer? (Froot Loot, Fruit Salad)

If there is one theme that has been done over and over online, it is the fruit-based slot theme. Fruit is the original theme – some would say it is the best, while others might say it offers lots to be entertained by.

Microgaming has developed some engaging slots already, but these two games stick to the tried and tested route of offering a classic slot with a classic theme. Which of these two games will you enjoy most?

Froot Loot

This game boasts an RTP of 97.17%, so that alone might tempt you into spinning these three reels. Yes, this is a small game, but there is a lot of fruit around too. With one line to bet on, you can focus on betting one, two, or three coins to try and get a matching set of three icons.

If you find three fruit baskets on the payline, you’ll get the jackpot. This grows with each coin, paying out 1,000, 2,000, or 5,000 coins for a one, two, or three-coin bet. Colorful and simple, Froot Loot is a nice game to play.

Fruit Salad

Ever had a nice fruit salad? If you like them, maybe you’ll agree this game from Microgaming is just as tasty. Based on the same three-reel format as the game above, this is another take on how to create a bright and colorful game based on fruit. The difference here is that you have three lines to bet on.

The fruit salad is the big winner this time, but the jackpot varies depending on which line it appears on. That’s why it pays to play all three lines. If you don’t, the jackpot combo could appear on line two or three and you would miss out.

Which game do we prefer – and do you agree?

On balance, we just about prefer the Fruit Salad game. We like the additional lines it provides, so you get three chances to win on each spin. The lines are clearly marked too, so there is no danger of missing out on something.

If you like these games, you can find them at most casinos offering a range of Microgaming titles. You may be able to try them free and just for fun – the ideal way to see if they offer everything you are looking for. With some fruity possibilities here, you can dip into them whenever you like.