Yoyo’s Wild Slots

The team at Eyecon has clearly been playing around with yoyos in their office. That’s the only reason we can think of why this game featuring the toys would be created. The good news is we think this is fun to play. The multicolored image to promote the title might make your eyes cross a little, but the game itself continues that bright theme.

Eyecon claims this is the first slot game based on yoyos. We would agree with them – we can’t think of any other game that’s close to this one. A yoyo appears at the bottom of each reel for each spin. It then draws upwards, revealing the three icons on each reel as it goes. If you know how to play with a yoyo, you’ll know you can perform various tricks with them. At least, you can if you’re any good. We can’t manage it!

The game takes inspiration from this by including various bonus features. If you trigger a bonus, the features will randomly scroll before you until one is chosen. You will then see that feature come to life on the reels with the aid of the yoyos. This is an unusual game and one in which the theme has been nicely presented. Each of the bonuses features wilds appearing on the screen as per that trick. So, you could end up winning plenty if you get control of those yoyos.