Moirai Blaze Slots

Maybe we should say who, since there is a woman dressed in stunning colors on the title screen of this game from Iron Dog. She appears to have four hands too. Handy, we guess, but what does it tell us about this game? It seems to be set on another planet – a strange but beautiful one with pastel colors everywhere you look. But it is what happens on the main panel that is of most interest in the Moirai Blaze game. You will see a 7 x 7 grid in action here, on which lots of gems and icons appear. The idea is to get clusters of matching icons that connect to each other either horizontally or vertically. In doing so, you will win prizes for each cluster. Those clusters then vanish and are replaced by new symbols falling from above. That means you could win again on the replacements. These are called tumble wins. Each cluster must consist of at least five symbols to qualify for a win. The more you get, the bigger the win will be. All the symbols score the same amounts, which is strange. Normally, some are worth more than others. Here, though, you must simply focus on how many you can get. There is a wild too, counting as all other icons that aren’t wild or don’t trigger a feature. You might also see Replacer and Exploder symbols. If you destroy 100+ symbols in one ‘spin’, you will win 15 free spins as well. Moirai Blaze is different, intriguing, and fun to play. Will you try it?