Meet The Bell Hop!

Who is the Bell Hop, you might ask? He is the guy who keeps things running smoothly at the venue in the background of this slot game. You’ll recognize the smart blue hat and white gloves as they appear on the reels, and there are room keys and flash cars to look for as well.

The big question is whether the Bell Hop slot will bring you any money. You can try this one free just for fun or make a real bet if you wish. But first, and before you decide whether to play, you can check out our review below.

Reels and win lines

No doubt you have played a few five-reel games already. You’ve got another one to try here. It presents you with 20 paylines as well – a nice number.

What could you bet on Bell Hop?

This game from iSoftBet is nice to try no matter the size of your budget. The one-cent minimum delivers a 20-cent bet to cover all the lines. Meanwhile, you can maximize your coin value at a quarter a time.

Are there special icons in play?

Yes, the wild is a lady who can replace many other symbols. She doesn’t replace the scattered desktop bell though. She also won’t stand in for the multipliers. Yes, you’ve got two of those to look for. They are shown as 2x and 4x on the screen.

There are a few other symbols the lady won’t replace. There is the stack of coins, helpfully labeled as the free spin icon. Two bonus icons also qualify – more about those shortly.

Does the game include bonus features?

The coins mentioned above can win you some free spins. You’ll need three, four, or five coin stacks to achieve this. You would then receive 10, 15, or 20 free spins respectively. Regardless of the quantity you win, you would get double the usual amount of prize money for each win you achieve in that feature.

There is also a Bell Hop Bonus icon (the wild doesn’t replace this either). Three of these triggers the Bell Hop Bonus, where up to 20,000 credits could be won.

Finally, the bonus symbol featuring the Bell Hop himself unlocks the special bonus. This is your chance to win up to 200,000 credits…

Download and play the Bell Hop slot today

What could you win in this game? Give it a shot now and find out.