Pirate Tales Slots

Ah, pirates. We’ve met them in many a slot game before now. We are going to meet some more in the new Pirates Tales slot from Magnet Gaming too. Judging by the title, it looks as if these guys are going to be chatty! Will they tell you a tale filled with prizes and bounty, or will you end up going elsewhere in search of prizes?

The game begins with a nice scene showing a pirate landing on a desert island. The treasure map he finds rolls open to reveal a look at the game itself. We love the design, because the 3 x 3 format is shown in the paneled windows of the pirate ship itself. There are curtains on either side, a murky seascape beyond, and a pirate watching from either side of the reels. It looks as though they’ve been on the grog, as they both look sleepy to us.

This is one adventure you won’t want to miss. Don’t be fooled by the three-reel format. There is a lot going on here. For starters, you’ve got eight paylines to bet on. While many three-reel slots don’t have bonuses, this one manages to fit in four of them. There are four dedicated icons, each labeled with the title of the bonus game. Will you manage to play Pirate Plunder, Set Sail, Game Chance, or Treasure Island? The game plays each one with some fine graphics and interactive elements. We love this. It might even be our favorite pirate-themed slot yet.