Manolo el del Bombo Slots

Some titles are stranger than others. This one obviously is in another language, which makes it harder to understand. As it turns out, anyone with knowledge of football might have heard of a guy called Manuel Caceres Artesero. He is regarded as one of the most famous football fans the world over. He is often referred to as Manolo, hence the title of the slot. The el del Bombo part means bass drummer. That makes sense too when you see him carrying around a bass drum with him!

We wonder what he thinks of being the center of attention in this new slot from MGA. His drum appears in the slot too, and whenever it appears it gives you the chance to progress to the upper game. Yes, this slot is based on two games. You begin with the first and the drums will let you move on to the second game. How many slots can you think of that do this?

Manolo watches over the reels as you play. There are nudges built into the game as football shirts, and Manolo himself is the wild icon. You have three reels and one line to contend with, although the screen mentions vertical lines too. This is one of those ‘small’ games that is anything but! Football fans are bound to like this one, but there is ample reason for other slot players to give it a try too. Will you get the chance to play both games included in the Manolo el del Bombo slot?