Viking Clash Slots

A clash between Vikings is not something we think you would want to get in the middle of. However, Push Gaming has come up with a Viking Clash to contend with in this slot game. The image shows us some weapons, some wild seas, and a Viking ship navigating those choppy waters. So, where do we fit in if we decide to play this game?

Well, there are some superb features added into this game. You can expect to see Sailing Wild Ships on the reels from time to time. Meanwhile, you might also spot some gold discs with various multipliers on them. These are valuable as they act as wild multipliers. There is a wild shield to search for too. But as the game loads, you will notice the most intriguing element of all. It provides us with a 5 x 3 format… twice over. Yes, you get one set of reels positioned above the other. This looks set to be a real Viking Clash!

There are two important icons to watch for as well. The top set of reels could see a catapult appear with a red surround to identify it. On the bottom set of reels, a cannon appears with a green surround. You need three of these – mixed or of just one type – to trigger the free spins feature. With a Wild Ship Feature and some superb variations in the free spins game, you will want to check out the 25-line Viking Clash game today.