Meet The Great Albini

With a name like that, this new slot game from Foxium must surely be based on a magician. A quick glance at the first image we see for this game reveals this is the case. He even has his helpful – if slightly worried-looking assistant – with him. But what does the game itself hold in store for us? Will it lead to prizes appearing out of thin air? Is there more to this game that you might think?

The Great Albini Slots certainly sets the scene well. There is a cute opening scene where the magician arrives at the theater in a flash car… only to appear outside in a flash of purple smoke. Once you get to the game itself, the reels appear on the stage. There are five of them, packed with appropriate symbols such as locked trunks, the magician himself, and a red ball and some cups. The magical theme is put to work in a big way here.

The base game consists of a 5 x 3 format. However, there are free spins to be won, and a screenshot of these reveals the reels go six icons high. That makes things more interesting, wouldn’t you say? You can scoop up to 4,000x your bet playing The Great Albini. This master magician may have some tricks up his sleeve as you spin this set of reels, but those tricks could turn in your favor if you play.