Love a Femme Fatale Slots

We are all familiar with the phrase femme fatale. This is a common term given to a woman who seduces a man with the intention of getting something from him – money, perhaps. Certainly, a femme fatale does not have the interests of the guy at heart when she weaves her tricky web. So, to encounter a slot game based on a femme fatale is quite unusual. What does this lady hold in store, both for the man on the reels and for you if you play?

The game was developed by Casino Technology. The five reels give you a chance to spot the lady herself, a heart-shaped icon, some perfume, the man she is trying to lure, and much else as well. The femme fatale can appear across a whole reel, so her wild nature might be something you would like to get used to!

There is a scatter here too, not to mention an opportunity to secure some free spins. If you manage to do that, you can hope for some prizes before you start paying for the spins once more. Love a Femme Fatale has only just been released, so we cannot say for sure how successful it will be. Check it out at your favorite casino today and try some other Casino Technology games while you’re there too.