Mr Cashman Slot Game

Have you ever heard of Mr Cashman? Perhaps not… unless you live in Australia. Over there, Mr Cashman is known as a character who appeared in a slot game that landed in several bricks and mortar casinos. The character and the slot were developed by Aristocrat. The funny thing is, Mr Cashman is still popping up today. Instead of being a character in his own slot, he can – and has – appeared in several others. He is almost a guest star rather than anything else.

Once you discover these games – first cropping up back in the Nineties – you will want to play more of them. He has become quite a famous character among those in the know. You might have spotted him in a few slots developed by Aristocrat:

• Magic Eyes • African Dusk • Jewel of the Enchantress • Jailbird

These four titles are considered the classics. Even though they are all based on different themes, you will see the Mr Cashman character appearing in the title image of each one. He is basically a gold coin with a smiley face, with white gloves floating in the air, one holding a top hat.

These games are all based on the ViridionWS cabinet design. The game portion of the cabinet reveals the details for the game you are playing. The lower portion of the cabinet shows the title image for the game. Meanwhile, the highest portion of the cabinet reveals the Mr Cashman part of the game.

Read on to discover how Mr Cashman can trigger bonus features if you decide to play any of these games.

Mr Cashman bonus features

Mr Cashman can trigger one of five bonus features if you play a game featuring this character. These bonuses are triggered at random, so you cannot access them by completing or achieving certain tasks. It is also important to note they will only stand a chance of being triggered if you are playing the maximum bet on the game. That could put the Mr Cashman bonuses out of reach of some players who never go for the maximum bet. If this is you, make sure you enjoy the other features of the game before you start playing.

1: random spin bonus feature

In this bonus, Mr Cashman will bounce onto the reels and spin one or more of them again. This could result in winning prizes where you would not otherwise have done so. He usually awards a multiplier here as well, worth between x3 and x10. This acts as a new boost to anything you won from the random spin.

2: choose a feature bonus

In this version, Mr Cashman appears hovering above a stage. He is wearing his top hat in this case. That’s because he has a wrapped gift in one hand and a pile of cash in the other. You must choose one of the two to reveal what you have won. If you go for the box, you will scoop between five and 20 free games. You will also receive a random multiplier worth between x2 and x5. If you go for the money, you will win up to 1,000 credits.

3: random bonus feature

Mr Cashman appears at the top of the game, wiggling his fingers and dropping credits into your prize pot. Keep watching… you never know how many credits he will award you with in this random bonus win. There is a chance to win up to 25,000 credits in this instance.

4: match the prize bonus

Mr Cashman appears sitting on the moon in this one. To his right is a prize amount in a pink and yellow oval. You will also see nine stars on the screen. You are prompted to touch a star. You could win some free games and a multiplier here. Another option is to match the prize shown, at which point you secure that prize, along with anything else won up to that point. If you did win some free games with a multiplier, you will then go on to play them.

The best you can hope for is 40 free spins, but if you win that many you won’t receive a multiplier. Other permutations involve fewer spins and a higher multiplier, worth up to x5.

5: the poker machine bonus

Mr Cashman appears in front of a Lucky You poker machine with three reels on it. The reels spin and stop on numbers between 000 and 999. You will then see the coins tumbling out of it. The prize is then added to your credit win at the top of the screen.

Tips and tricks for playing Mr Cashman slot games

It is wise to remember all the bonuses mentioned above are triggered at random. That means you could play a Mr Cashman slot game and not trigger any of them. It might also mean you manage to trigger two or more different bonuses at various times. You just never know. That’s why you should understand how the Mr Cashman feature works, so you know what to expect.

Furthermore, make sure your budget can stand playing with the maximum bet on each spin. While the Mr Cashman games are a lot of fun and add another level of excitement to these slots, they don’t suit everyone. If you never play at the maximum bet level, you should think about trying other games instead.

However, if you like bonus features, you’re happy with a bigger spin bet, and you like the idea of meeting Mr Cashman, check out your options today.