Teddy Bear's Picnic Slots

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If you had to guess at the theme for this slot, you might go for the cute and cuddly option. You'd be correct too, because this game is shown in a nice woodland setting, with tree houses, and of course the picnic itself taking place. Think lots of pastel colors and you're in the right area!

So, with an invite to the Teddy Bear's Picnic, will you find some prizes to be won there?

Format of reels and lines

The format is nothing new here, even if the theme is - there are five reels giving way to 25 lines.

Coins to choose from

With a one-cent minimum on offer, you need only bet a quarter to cover all the lines here. The maximum total bet available is a lot higher at $50.

Special icons used in the Teddy Bear's Picnic slot

The wild is shown as some honeycomb, but it won't appear on the reels themselves… not without some help anyway. That's because you must wait for a teddy bear to wander into view and throw some honeycomb onto the reels. When this happens, one icon is transformed into the wild.

The picnic basket is crucial to the success of any picnic. It's key to being successful in this slot too, because it is the scatter symbol.

Should you look out for a bonus feature?

Yes, and the picnic basket must appear three or more times to unlock it. When this happens, you will receive eight free games. If the bear should appear and grant you a honeycomb wild, that wild will remain where it is for however many free games you have left. If another one is awarded, that stays in place too, and so on. While you cannot unlock more free spins like you originally did, those sticky honeycomb wilds are well worth looking out for. Let's hope the teddy bear is feeling generous!

Download and enjoy playing the Teddy Bear's Picnic slot game today

The game is a nice calming one to play, thanks to the innocent theme and the nice pastel colors that are displayed here. It's entertaining enough, and we like the wild feature, especially as it is perked up a bit for the free games. If you go down to the woods today, you might just get more than you bargained for! We hope that includes lots of prizes.