Sweet Alchemy Slots

The mention of alchemy makes this sound like it could be a magical game. That might well be the case if you are ready to check out what lies in store for you here. Sweet Alchemy is a new release from Play’N Go, which means you can look forward to playing a charming game with lots of pastel colors. And is that a witch we can see, or a girl who is good with a spell book? The game features a Sugar Rush Meter to tie in with the title, too. This will charge up the more prizes you win. The idea is to fill the meter, because when this occurs you will trigger the Mix the Elixir free bonus. There’s more though – as you fill the Sugar Rush Meter, you will notice additional wilds are added to the grid. There are lots of wild candies in this game – it does have the word sweet in the title, after all – and those wild candies react in different ways. So, the idea here is that we are working some magic with the candies, hence the title. It is a nice idea and well executed too. When you reach the Mix the Elixir round, you will play it on a 9 x 9 grid. If you manage to complete this round, you can trigger a bonus feature called Elixir of Power. There are three levels to this, and the further you go, the more you can win.