Monopoly-Themed Slots

Everyone knows about Monopoly, right? This game was first created as a board game way back in 1935. Would anyone around then have guessed it would last so long and become one of the world’s favorite board games? Even if they had, they wouldn’t have guessed something called the internet would eventually arrive. Online casinos weren’t even thought of or imagined back then. Could we have guessed this famous game would receive an online upgrade in the form of slot games? Let’s see why this game has enjoyed a new level of success in slots.

They remind you of the classic board game

Every game is based around the original board game. If you enjoyed that, chances are you will enjoy the slot versions of the game just as much. We know some people still play the original game, and since you can buy it in lots of versions to tap into several markets, it makes sense you could do the same in the world of slots as well.

There are several you can now choose from

Yes, it’s not just one game you can play. You could try Monopoly: Big Event. You might want to give Monopoly: Bring the House Down a go. Maybe you will win big on Monopoly: Mega Movers. Or perhaps the Monopoly: On the Money version is the one for you. We fully expect more Monopoly-themed games to pop up as well. Even if you’re not keen on one or two of them, you can always try the others. You’ll always recognize the game pieces, the coloring of the reels and game screen, and other familiar elements as well.

They allow you to enjoy Monopoly in a new way

There are lots of reasons why the original game has stood the test of time. We’ve even heard different families have their own rules in place whenever they play Monopoly! Maybe yours does too. That’s one reason why it’s so good to play. However, these slot game versions give you yet another chance to enjoy Monopoly. With other versions of the game available alongside the ones above (Monopoly: City Spins, Monopoly: Rising Riches, and Monopoly: Paradise Mansion), you can check out variations of the game in more ways than you might think. This is one cool way to check out how appealing the game is, and how it has lasted so well.