Win Some Money with Super Hot Money Heat

If we have read a hotter title than Super Hot Money Heat before, we don’t remember it. The best part about this title is that it is backed up by stacks upon stacks of gold coins in the Ainsworth slot game of the same name. It doesn’t tell us much about the game itself, other than it might pack in some good wins and possibly a money-based theme, and we must wait a bit longer to learn more too. That’s because the game isn’t released until July 16th this year.

We have seen just one screen for this game, and it is refreshingly colorful, yet not overly so. There is no neon here, for example, which is good if you’re not keen on that sort of thing. There is a Super Hot Money Heat logo, which could prove interesting, and other symbols featuring stacks of greenbacks and stacks of cards respectively. This seems to be based on gambling and casinos, since there are dice on another symbol as well.

The game provides you with five reels, three icons per reel, and a monster 50 paylines to bet on. We must wait and see what else it can offer, but this Ainsworth title looks promising right now.