Discover Mustang Spirit Slots

You may well be if you want to try this new game from Ainsworth. The spirit seems to come from the three horses that appear in the main image for the Mustang Spirit game we can try here. This one is set for release midway through July 2018, so we have little to go on at this stage. However, with a fiery opening image to look at, it seems this slot game could have some significant spirit to share with us.

We’ve had a quick glimpse of the game reels – five of them – and there are other animals there apart from the horses. There is a nice wild image too, of the horses rearing up in front of the sunrise (or sunset – we can never tell them apart). With some familiar J, 10, and 9 icons there too, Mustang Spirit does resort to the overly familiar, but no matter – this could still be an entertaining slot to try.

If you are short of a game to play come the middle of July this year, get ready to try out Mustang Spirit slots from Ainsworth. This one is set to drop on the 16th, so be ready to try it for size if animal-themed slots are your thing.