Banana Jones Coming

Banana Jones doesn’t sound like the name of an adventurer, although the surname might sound familiar in that way. It turns out Banana Jones is on a mission to rescue none other than… the Crystal Banana! Well, that makes sense, but what does this mission have to do with you, you might ask?

The mission begins on August 1st at Springbok Casino, and it comes to us by way of a new game from Real Time Gaming. Any new title from RTG is a good one to explore, since they have such a good track record. However, if you are expecting to find a regular slot game in the shape of Banana Jones, you will be surprised by what you will see here. Instead of a slot, we get a snakes-and-ladders-style game… and it might just be a game changer too.

Your task is to find as many gems as possible. Watch out for vines that could be useful in your journey with Banana Jones and be warned… there are snakes that may not have your best interests at heart. With a Treasure Wheel feature to look out for, not to mention the epic Crystal Banana Quest that also forms a crucial part of this game, you can expect to enjoy the very best entertainment in Banana Jones from RTG at Springbok Casino this summer.