Kung Fu Furry Slots

It isn’t often you get to play a slot game with a 3 x 3 matrix of reels and rows appearing twice on the screen, but this is the offering in Kung Fu Furry. Double the reels means double the wins according to GamePlay, the creator of this game. It’s always nice to spot something different, so is this one going to be as good as it looks?

Some icons only show on one set of reels and not the other. Meanwhile, there are eight paylines involved here – we assume that is on each set of reels, since it shows a 3 x 3 grid for them. The wild icon is a golden trophy, replacing everything except for the scatter icon – an odd symbol in gold and silver – and the bonus. The wild comes with a variable multiplier whenever it appears in a win in the free spins round.

The Battle symbol is the one to find if you want to win those free games. In this instance, it also behaves as a wild symbol. You must get the Battle icon in the center position on both reel sets simultaneously to get the freebies. You will receive three free games on each set of reels. While playing the spins, there is a chance you could get a Reset on the reels – and possibly a Double Reset if both sets are affected. This is triggered by the wild, adding a further feature to a complex game. Kung Fu Furry is very different from anything you’ve tried so far, which is reason enough to try it today.