Doubloon Real Slots

The real is a currency, and is that a gold coin we spot in the hand of the woman taking center stage for this slot game? It looks to be a necklace of sorts, but we doubt it will be that simple. There are several other characters involved in the image that tells us a little more about Doubloon Real, and since doubloons were once real coins as well, could that reveal still more?

This looks to be a game set in historical times, perhaps the Middle Ages, given the dress and appearance of the people we meet here. There are Conquistadors involved for sure, so perhaps they can reveal what lies ahead for us. We know we can collect three doubloons to enter the free games feature, with five, 15, or 25 of the games available for three, four, or five of those special coins. The doubloons are wild too, so they are by far the most important symbols in the game.

The free games aren’t just free versions of the base game either. You can check out the sticky wild that may appear, all the while watching for an expanded wild as well. With those two acting on your behalf to help find bigger prizes, who knows what may result from your time playing the Doubloon Real slot game from Casino Technology?