Battle Royale Slots

Battle is about to commence if we can believe the title of this slot game. But will it be a royal fight we can win, or is there something else in store for us as we load this game from Skillzz gaming?

Well, this is certainly a different prospect to try. You will see five characters on your screen and the idea is you need to press play to start a battle. There are several islands involved in this game, such as Forest Island, Volcano Island, and Swamp Island. Each one has its own bonus, so that should give you something to look out for. There is a lot of depth to this game, so if you fancy something different to the games you usually play, you should give it a try. If you look at Treasure Island, for example, the event ends in 20 battles! Now, we are unsure what that means for you and for your odds of winning something, but this sounds like a game we want to find out more about.

The RTP will vary in this game as it depends on the team you choose. With five heroes per team, it means you could win a certain amount within a set range with that team. Confused? The best way to learn more is to get ready to play the Battle Royale today. We guarantee you will love it.