Baby Blue Slots

Baby Blue could refer to a lot of things. Here, though, we are going to check out the new Baby Blue slot game from Spinmatic. We are going to meet a cute little fish called Baby Blue, along with some other cute friends of an equally small size. Are they going to help us search for some prizes beneath the waves? We sure hope they do.

The Baby Blue slot game looks set to be a delight. We viewed the video that took us under the sea to witness a four-reel slot with three icons per reel. Four reels is unusual, but the quality of the game and its superb presentation means you get the chance to play a game in a wonderful setting. All the controls are suitably colored and situated at the foot of those reels, and they fit in nicely with the overall theme.

The game includes a gamble feature if you wish to use it, but otherwise seems a basic slot to play. There is a cute wild, which might just be Baby Blue with what looks like a swimming hat on! Yes, there are some engaging touches built into this one, and we think you will enjoy taking it for a spin.