Phantom Thief Slots

If a thief is a phantom, does that mean they don’t exist? It’s a puzzler of a question but we may get some answers when we check out this new slot game from Gameplay. It was released on April 17th this year, so we’ve had a little time to check it out. It looks great too – there is a thief and a policeman on the opening image, together with the name of the slot in gold.

The game takes place inside what looks to be a museum filled with treasures. We guess we can understand what the Phantom Thief is after. The reels are set into a golden surround with the controls sitting below them. There are some treasures popping up on the reels, along with the standard letters you’ve no doubt spotted in other games. The thief might also appear and there is a neat and unusual wild symbol too. We’re not sure what is shown on it, but it is labeled. It could appear on the second, third, and fourth reels.

There are three scatters in the game too, each presented in a different color. You also get a chance to find three bonus symbols to trigger six free spins. If you manage that, you might secure the same trigger again. If so, a random quantity of free spins is given. You also get 30 lines to bet on, so there is a lot packed into the Phantom Thief slot.