Diamond Mine Slots

May 2018 looks set to be a monster month with lots of new slot game releases coming our way. We cannot wait to play some of them, including the forthcoming Diamond Mine slot from Blueprint. We only have the title image to go on at present, but it sure looks like this mine is one we will want to enter!

The title appears in big letters on a board in front of the mine entrance. We cannot see too far inside, but are those gold nuggets flying out of the mine? It sure looks like it. The I in mine has also been shown as a stick of TNT with its fuse lit, so maybe we can expect some of those to pop up in the game as well. There is also a bag overstuffed with gold nuggets to the right of the entrance.

Surprisingly, since this is a Diamond Mine, we cannot see any diamonds. But maybe they are hidden within, and we might get the chance to go looking for them once we are able to play this game, due for release on May 10th this year. Will you give it a try?