4 Symbols Slots

4 Symbols could relate to anything, but when you look at the opening image for this game, you will see four wild animals – including some that do not exist, such as the phoenix. Since this is a GameArt title, you would expect it to look amazing. It does too, with green, red, and blue hues used to depict the four beasts used to promote the game.

This GameArt title is set to be released around the middle of May 2018. That means we have little to report on the title yet other than the presence of those beasts. But the detail in the image does reveal this will be an Oriental slot. Watch for the yin yang symbol as the O in Symbols, and the slashed look of the number 4. These are promising clues, and we can usually expect a GameArt title to be impressive in terms of graphics. This looks set to be another big release for them.

So, if you want to try a 5 x 3 game this May (we think that will be the format used here, along with 25 paylines, but we cannot be certain until it is released), you know which game you should check out.